Choir Garden Party August 2019

Despite the wind and rain, our Garden Party went ahead!  A gazebo was erected and a barbeque lit.  John, in raincoat and hat, grilled some juicy beef burgers outside while everyone else was inside, at least early on.    The food was tasty and we ate sausages and salad as well as the delicious burgers. The local butcher may see his customer numbers increase, according to appreciative comments.  See the photos of some of us at our favourite occupations (apart from singing) – eating and chatting.  Later the light rain stopped and it was pleasant outside as the air was warm.

The garden was full of flowers which seem to have done well this year.  There were small cactus for sale, thanks to Brian,  and Virginia’s  jam was going like hot cakes. Thanks to both for helping raise funds for the choir.

We all enjoyed the afternoon which keeps us in touch over the summer months.

Thanks to John and Dizzy for their hospitality again.