Christmas Concert 2019

Tony Beal has written a detailed article on our Christmas concert held in St Peter’s, Ruddington on Saturday 14 December.

Here is a flavour of it:

The audience that filled St Peter’s Church in Ruddington for the Ruddington and District Choral Society’s Christmas concert last night had arrived on a bitterly cold December evening, the rain increasingly beating down. As they came through the door to buy their tickets they shook the rain from their coats, wiped their faces with handkerchiefs, and some anxiously looked back into the night and grimly forecast “This lot could well turn to sleet or snow by the time we go home!” In the event, this was all rather prophetic since one of the wonderful readings we were to hear later in the evening was TS Elliott’s The Journey of the Magi the opening lines of which are ” A cold coming we had of it, Just the worse time of the year….” ! There were warm greetings and smiles aplenty but it was not the most auspicious start to the concert advertised as “A Celebration of ChristmasAll, however, were glad to be in the warmth of the church on such a night and so clutching their programmes, they scurried away to find their seats.  Little did we know, however, that we were in for an evening, the music, words and the atmosphere of which would warm not only our fingers and toes but would refresh and warm our souls, make us feel human again and dispel all thoughts of the inclement weather outside!

In previous reviews I have praised the leadership of Paul Hayward and accompanist Michael Overbury at Ruddington – the effect of these two wonderful musicians has, in my view, galvanised the choir making R&DCS a real force to be reckoned within the musical world and life of Nottinghamshire. Under Hayward and Overbury’s guidance  the choir have ranged from Rutter to Rheinberger, Britten to Bach, Shearing to Schubert, Haydn to Handel and from Mendelssohn to Mozart – and all points in between – and have dealt with all these composers and works with aplomb. The choir has both widened its repertoire and at the same time improved musically and chorally in leaps and bounds. They, their leader and their accompanist have much to be proud of. Long may it continue.

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Thank you Tony.