Garden Party 2016

One blustery day in August 2016 the Choir Garden party turned out surprisingly well.   At first people fought to put up gazebos, as the photo shows, but the wind softened and the sky brightened.

Wrapped up in case of wind and rain, choir members, friends and family enjoyed Virginia’s beautiful garden.  Rich herbaceous borders, mature trees and shrubs live in this sheltered corner of the City.  Everyone bought their own food and  Virginia offered hot drinks.  Photos show her jams for sale, along with Dizzie’s herbs (unusual basils) and hand made flower cards from Jenny Woollard.

It was our first choir garden party. We are grateful to Virginia for her generosity. It was fun and also a way to keep in touch with each other over the summer.  It was definitely good enough to repeat!

So watch this space for the 2017 garden party!